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1105 Satellite Blvd Ste 200 Suwanee, GA 30024
Same showroom hours M-F 9-4pm

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We welcome anyone to browse all portions of our inventory. However, only authorized resellers with resale tax certificates on file may see prices or place orders.

If you are having trouble logging in and you have used the older version of the website, you may be trying to use your old username and password. The login function for our new site uses your email address instead of your old username. You should be able to login using your email address and the same old password you used before. If that still doesn't work, it is likely that you have a different email address than the one you used when you established your old account. If you can remember an older email address, try that before creating a new account. If that works, be sure to update the email address in your account settings.

If you are already a JFM customer, but have never created an oline account with us, you will need to do that before you can begin shopping. Since we would have already approved your account, you will only need to enter some basicinformation to get registered online. Just check the box to indicate that you are already a JFM customer.


If you are brand new to JFM, you will need to complete the full registration form and submit a copy of your resale tax ID. We will validate and approve your account as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

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Terms & Conditions of Sale
  1. All customers must provide a copy of their state resale tax certificate.
  2. Prices are F.O.B. Norcross, Georgia and are subject to change without notice.
  3. Terms are Net 30 Days to established accounts only.  First time orders will be sent C.O.D. or can be prepaid with a check or credit card prior to shipping.
  4. Past due invoices carry a service charge of 1.5% per month.
  5. Any defective claims against merchandise must be made within 10 days and returns may be made only with prior authorization from JFM Enterprises.  JFM will assist you in any damage claim made on our product and will provide replacements to you while your claim is pending.  Please save all carton and packing material for carrier inspection.
  6. Title of merchandise remains with seller until paid in full.  Should legal actions be necessary to effect collection, debtor hereby agrees to pay court costs and attorney fees.
  7. MINIMUM SHIPPING REQUIREMENT - $100.00 ($20.00 surcharge on under $100.00)
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Discount Schedule
A 7% discount on orders of $1000.00 or more, 10% discount on orders of $2500.00 or more, and a 13% discount on orders of $5000.00 or more (cash discount only at this level) will be applied when payment is made at time of pickup/shipment. These discounts do not apply to orders delivered by JFM Enterprises.
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Payment Options

We gladly accept VISA, MC, AMEX, and DISCOVER at the time of sale/shipment.  Past due invoices on open accounts paid with a credit card incur a 3% late fee.


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Hours and Showroom

We are open 9-5 Monday through Friday.  Pickup hours are 9-4 Monday through Friday. Although no appointment is necessary, preference is given to those orders phoned in advance.

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Backorder Policy
All items available for shipment at the time of order will be shipped.  Any items out of stock at the time of order will be backordered and shipped when in stock unless otherwise specified by the customer.  We will no longer reserve in stock items awaiting backorders to ship complete.
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Shipping Information
JFM will determine the most economical method of shipping for you unless you specify otherwise.  All items will be shipped using one of the following methods:
FedEx Ground is typically used for smaller orders of frame sizes 24x36 and less (although there are many exceptions for wider or deeper styles).  These packages must be no greater than 165 inches of combined length and girth determined by the outside dimension of the package (not the opening or outside dimension of the picture frame).  You will be charged the FedEx rate for the actual weight of the box or the dimensional weight, whichever is greater. Dimensional charges are first applied when a package exceeds 84 inches of combined length and girth (generally the equivalent of a 16x20 frame). Anything exceeding this size gets charged the larger of the actual weight or dimensional weight.  A package is considered “oversize” when it exceeds 130 inches (this is generally the equivalent of a 24x36 frame).  Packages over 130 inches are charged an “oversize” charge of $20.00 by FedEx. You will only be charged the prevailing ground rate with no additional handling charges.  However, you will also receive a charge for cartons billed at our cost (average $6.00 for ground packages).

Common Carrier:
Packages exceeding ground dimensional requirements will be shipped via Common Carrier with our established carriers (unless you specify an alternative company).  We have large negotiated freight discounts with our carriers, which will be passed on to you.  Generally, multi-box shipments are less expensive when shipped via Common Carrier as are any frames larger than 24x36.  As a general rule any shipment larger than $500.00 is typically more economical to ship Common Carrier.  Carton charges do apply if boxing is involved.

Express Service:  
This method should be used as a last resort and only in a time sensitive situation.   Most frames up to 36x48 can be shipped express.  Charges are significantly more expensive than ground but you will receive the prevailing FedEx rate for this service.

Fuel Surcharge:
Please be prepared for fluctuating shipping charges due to the volatile gasoline situation.  Fuel surcharges can be significant and are applicable to all methods of shipment.

Shipping Damage:
JFM will package your goods in an appropriate manner.  However, occasionally packages are mishandled and result in damaged merchandise.  If you receive a damaged package, please notify us within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise and we will assist you in initiating a claim and advise you regarding the replacement of merchandise.  JFM is not responsible for damages by freight carriers.  Please retain all shipping material for inspection by the carriers.  If you have discarded the packaging materials, there will be no recourse for claim or replacement.  Please inspect your package immediately.  If there is visible damage to the exterior of the carton, please alert your delivery company, if they are present, and have them note the damage on the freight bill.  This will greatly assist us in the claim process.  
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Return Policy
JFM warrants that the product you receive will closely match what we represent in our catalog and website. However, due to the hand finished nature of the product there is some tolerance for finishes to vary between shipments. Should you wish to return a product for any reason other than manufacturing defect or a JFM order/shipping error, then the following policies apply and procedures must be followed in order to obtain credit:
Returns within 30 days of invoice will only be accepted and credited if prior authorization is granted by JFM. If accepted and within 30 days of invoice you will be issued a return authorization number by a JFM customer service associate. Please call our office at 800-462-3449 to obtain a return authorization number.  This number must be marked on the carton in order for us to accept the shipment. Packages without this number will be refused and credit will not be issued. A full credit will be granted only if the product is received in good condition and presentable for restocking. We do not accept goods which have been used or with any visible hardware installed.  Credit for returns will be granted within 7 business days after receiving the returned goods.
Goods returned due to manufacturing defect or shipping error by JFM will be credited or replaced at our cost on product and shipping. However, we will need you to cooperate by packaging and returning the defective goods (at our expense and instruction). No merchandise will be accepted after 30 days. See *Shipping Damage* for information regarding damages in transit and procedures to be followed. 
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Privacy Policy
We are committed to respecting and safeguarding your online privacy and offering you appropriate protection for any information we acquire.  We do not collect or maintain any personal information from you online unless you personally volunteer the information.  This information would be mostly limited to your registration as a user on our site (should you elect to become a customer), and any information you enter as part of an online purchase and will be stored on the server of our webmaster and in a secure environment.   Your information is secure with us.  We do not sell, trade or otherwise share your information with any other source.  In the case of registration as a user on our site, we only collect information as a means to verify your status as a trade customer, and the information from our shopping cart or checkout process is a means to acquire information to complete the shipment (including your billing and shipping information) and to offer secure payment transaction options for you.  You are free to visit our site and browse any of the information without login or volunteering any information.  No information is gathered or stored regarding that visit.  Anyone choosing to view pricing or potentially order must be logged in and therefore will have provided information to us for the reasons stated above.  Any information collected will be done so in an effort to better serve you as a customer.  This may include a quicker checkout process for online purchases, and may include periodic news or email correspondence from us.  We do not passively acquire information from you through the use of cookies, however, we may offer links to other sites and are not responsible for their privacy policies.  Finally, if you have registered or purchased through our website and wish to “opt out” or have any record of personal information purged from our records please feel free to email that request to us at customerservice@jfm.net or call our office at 800-462-3449 and your request will be handled immediately.
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Security Policy
We secure your payment and personal information through a secure transaction process known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which uses an encrypted format and a secure server to transmit the information to us from the server of our webmaster.  This information is stored on their server in an encrypted format, and is transmitted to us in the same encrypted format.  The orders are confirmed to you and reveal only the last 4 digits of your card.  Once transmitted to us the information is stored in our accounting software in an encrypted format and is only available to trusted employees with clearance for that information.  The entire credit card number is only revealed to the credit card processing company at the time of transaction and a paper receipt will be issued to you revealing only the last 4 digits to you.  No information is shared, sold or traded and you should not expect to ever be contacted or solicited by other companies as a result of your registration in or transactions from our website.
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Understanding Stock Frame Inventory

inventory.pngWhat do the numbers mean?

  • Numbers in black indicate the quantity currently available.
  • Numbers in red indicate that none are currently available and usually show how many are expected to available on the next shipment and when those are expected to be delivered.
  • If the message says simply "Out of Stock", that means there are currently none on order from the manufacturer.
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How Should I Measure For A Custom Frame?

Measure the exact height and width of your image and select from the measurements provided. For matted images, use the outside measurements of the mat as your frame size. We will take the exact size you provide and add the industry standard allowance of 1/8". PLEASE MEASURE CAREFULLY because we will not accept returns due to inaccurate measurements. If you do not want us to add the normal 1/8" allowance, please specify when placing your order.


Custom-made frames are chopped and joined. Once joined, the corners will be filled and polished for an almost seamless appearance.

Most orders will ship within 7 business days. Orders containing only chopped moulding ship in 1 - 2 business days. Rush service is available if needed.

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What Is Chopped Only?

Chop service is where we mitre the moulding to your specified size all you have to do is join the pieces of moulding together to make the frame.  To order chop service just fill in the EXACT SIZE for your chosen moulding type. All chops will have a standard 1/8-inch allowance (1/16 inch on each side) unless we are directed otherwise.

Orders that are chop only will ship next business day.

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General Questions

I already have a website – why should I participate?

This will allow you to join our community of artists and galleries, creating exposure to your art or gallery from our database of customers (galleries, artists, and other trade members browsing our site) who might otherwise not be familiar with you. Additionally it gives you another opportunity for visibility and ranking in search engines, and helps JFM by supporting our customers.

I do not have a website – can my new webpage be my website?

Yes, absolutely. After you have uploaded your information and your listing is approved and posted by JFM (allow a few days), you can click on your listing and that will take you to your specific page with a link to that specific webpage.

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How To List Your Web Profile

NOTE: You must first be a registered JFM customer in order to have a profile listing.

Setting up your profile is simple. Login to your account and click the MY ACCOUNT link at the top of the page (step 1), which takes you to the Member Account Dashboard.Then click on theMEMBER PROFILE link on the right side (step 2) as shown in the image below.


Once you are into the Member Profile Manager, you should be able to just fill in the blanks. Let us know if you are having any problems. You will notice that there is a VIEW PROFILE button in the profile manager. This button will become active after you have submitted your profile for approval. It will let you view the profile and make any changes you want without waiting for the profile to be approved by JFM and made public. We will approve profiles as soon as possible.


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Setting up your profile

First Name - your first name

Last Name - your last name

Member Type - select Artist or Gallery (Gallery profiles are separated from Artist profiles)

Keywords - enter keywords (like: portraits, children, watercolor) to help people find you by using Search By Keyword feature.


Website -if you have your own website, enter the web address here, including the http:// portion.

Email - your email address

Short Bio - enter a short version (up to 512 characters) of your bio. This will show on the page below your name.

Profile Name - set how you want your JFM profile web address to look. If you are an artist, your profile address will start with http://www.jfm.net/artist/... This is where you specify the ending of the address, so it might be http://www.jfm.net/artist/your-name or http://www.jfm.net/artist/lastname

Bio (PDF) - this is where you can upload a PDF cpy of your full bio. Your profile page will automatically show a link to view the bio like this:


Profile Image - upload a picture of yourself or your logo.

Portfolio Images - use these fields to upload artwork images. You can also specify the title (description) for each image. The title/description is limited to 128 characters, so you could enter the name of the piece and a little bit of descriptive information, like Mountain Lanscape (oil on canvas, 24 x 20)


Save Profile - when you are through editing, click the Save Profile button at the bottom. Your profile will be submitted for approval and you will be notified as soon as it has been approved and made public. You will have a button to preview the profile as it will appear when approved and another button to go back and make more edits. You can edit again at any time by going back to your account page and clicking the link to member profile.

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